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Aqua Ventures rentals are the best in the area. We are constantly updating our rental department with new and top of the line equipment, not the used or bottom of the line gear that many dive stores rent. Our rental B.C.D.s are AquaLung Balance, Pro LT, and Ladies Libra. Our regulators are Apeks, XTX-50s, AquaLung Titan LX Supreme, and Titan. Our Instrument consoles includes Suunto, Zoop and Vyper dive computers and compasses. Our wetsuits are DeepSee 2 piece suits, and our weight belts use soft weights for comfort.


Below are our weekend rental prices (Friday to Monday) We will take reservations for equipment up to 2 month in advance. One day, weekday rentals and 1 week or more rentals are also available.
 Rental Items Weekend Rate
B.C.D. $15.00
Regulator w/octopus, inflator hose & S.P.G. $15.00
Regulator w/octopus and computer console $30.00
3 Gauge Console w/Computer $20.00
7mm Wetsuit w/hood $25.00
Weight Belt $15.00
50, 63, 72, 80 c/f Tanks with Air fill $12.00
100 c/f Tanks with Nitrox fill $20.00
119 c/f Tanks with Nitrox fill $22.00

All gear must be returned on the due date clean and dry.